May another mixed month for regional trades

May another mixed month for regional trades

LONDON’S Container Trade Statistics reports global combined import export volumes hit a new record of 15,940,133 TEU in May 2024, up from 14,886, 233 TEU in April while the CTS price index jumped from 83 in April to 89 in May.

But it was again a mixed bag for Australasia & Oceania in May, with imports continuing to slide but exports bouncing back from April.

CTS always advises that statistics are preliminary and may be amended when further information is received, and so it is with the March and April figures, with the former’s imports revised from 368,188 TEU to 364,166 and the latter from 351,446 TEU to 353,353. May came in at 345,052 TEU.

Exports for March have been amended from 277,052 TEU to 276,950 and, for April, from 250,836 TEU to 250,702. May came in – pending any later revision – at 266,430 TEU.

Trade routes showed various results for volumes and prices.

Far East-Australasia & Oceania (recalling that CTS regards N&E Asia and South East Asia as a single zone) volumes were down 3.9% in May 2024, year-on-year, to 209,115 TEU while the price index rose 1.4% to 60. In the opposite direction, volume was up 7% to 172,661 TEU y-o-y and the price index up 1.1% to 92.

Europe-Australasia & Oceania volumes were up 7.2% to 51,333 TEU in May while prices were steady at index 80. For Oceania-Europe May 2024 volumes were down 12.5% to 15,894 TEU and the rate index steady at 100.

North America-Australasia & Oceania dropped 12.7% to 15,948 TEU in May 2024, year-on-year, and prices were unchanged at index 70. Outbound, volumes rose quite sharply y-o-y by 18.6% to 26,680 TEU but rates remained unchanged at 101 on the index.

For the Indian Sub-Continent and Middle East-Australasia & Oceania route y-o-y volumes dipped 1,6% to 14,555 TEU and rates were unmoved at 80, while in the opposite direction volumes saw a healthy 13.1% boost to 33,861 TEU but rates were stagnant at 80.

From South & Central America to Australasia & Oceania May trade was a modest 2,863 TEU inMay, down 14% y-o-y, but rates increased 13.7% to 85. Exports, also modest at 1,569 TEU, were down 21,2% but rates rose 5% to 134.

Another minor trade, Sub Saharan Africa to Australasia & Oceania, was down a massive 43.8% in May 2024 to record just 1,002 TEU and rates were unchanged at 104. For exports May’s total of 3,031 TEU was down 26.5% y-o-y but rates were up 7.1% to 90.

Finally, intra Australasia & Oceania trades in May 2024 saw volumes climb 6.7% to 27,985 TEU and rates rise 2.7% to 112 on the index scale.

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